26 schools capped off their year with our banners!

Colorful banners are flying high in 26 elementary schools throughout the LA Archdiocese celebrating the end of the school year and many 8th grade graduations. These Banner Festivals wrap up a year of art projects being taught in these schools by Art Trek. The teachers appreciate the science and color lessons that accompany this simple yet large scale origami-like product that can decorate the school halls for years. 

One banner is beautiful, but two hundred banners hanging side by side make a joyous statement. Like snowflakes, not one banner is like the other. We've been making these Shibori Banners for 15 years and just this spring made the jump to stringing them together into long colorful garlands. What a thrill it has been!

–Nan and Gerri

Posted on July 3, 2013 .