Docent Training

Our experienced core staff provides training for volunteer docents at monthly hands-on workshops at your school where we discuss teaching philosophies, methods and strategies for different grade levels.  

"Before the parents become docents, they become students! "

Docents complete each lesson themselves creating opportunities for trouble-shooting, role-playing, and discussion. Upon completion of training, docents go into the classrooms and deliver sequential, hands-on art lessons with clear plans, tasks, and identified roles. 

Our lessons are designed not only to impart rendering, painting, and sculpting skills, but also to build student confidence and community ties.

This program meets the Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards for California Public Schools.

Docent Volunteers Will:

  • Complete projects that they will teach to students.
  • Participate in monthly training on effective teaching methods. 
  • Spend time discussing and trouble-shooting questions that may arise while teaching each lesson. 


Docents coordinate with teachers to set bi-weekly schedules. One hour allows for warm-up, lesson, project, cool-down and time to share.


Materials will be supplied by Art Trek: organized for each lesson and stored in one accessible space on campus. 


The Art Trek Docent Training Program is a cost-effective and wonderful way to bring the visual arts into the classroom and to strengthen the volunteer core of a school.


Docent Program Costs

Costs include the following:

  • 8 docent workshops
  • 16 student classes: K–8th grade
  • Optional art extensions
  • Literary art extensions
  • Coordination of docents, supplies & art shows
  • Written lesson plans, posters & prints

Call or email us for pricing! 

Let us tailor a program to meet your needs.