Arts education is scarce in the United States and all around the world.  
Help us change the way people view art by donating today.

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We deeply appreciate your support no matter how large or small your contribution.

Thank you for sharing our passion for art!

  • $25 – covers art supplies for three children for a full school year

  • $50 – covers one workshop at a local shelter

  • $60 - covers one child's gifts & meal during our Casa Pacifica Holiday Celebration

  • $100 – covers an afternoon of art for 10 high risk teens

  • $250 – covers art materials for a Title I class for a full school year

  • $500  – covers an all-day field trip for a Title I class

  • $1,000 – supports a semester of weekly art classes at Casa Pacifica

  • $5,000  – supports one full year of art classes at a Title I school

Art Trek, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
Our tax ID number is 20-5130203.

The full amount of your donation is tax-deductible.

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Our Wish List

Gift Baskets (basket only)

Digital Cameras (any model, new or used)

Electric Washer/Dryer

Elmo Projector (any model, new or used)

Art Supplies

Canvases (Larger than 9x12)
Lightly Used Elementary Chapter Books

Much of our work is made possible through the generous donations of our supporters

Premiere Supporters ($80,000+)

Catholic Education Foundation
Eddy & Cate Hartenstein
Porteous Family Foundation


Weingart Foundation
Specialty Family Foundation
Nick & Patty Weber


Brentwood Country Mart
City of Thousand Oaks Public Works Department
David Geffen
MTV Networks
Teeple Family Charitable Fund


Arts Council of the Conejo Valley
Bev Richardson
Walmart Foundation
Brighton Collectibles (The Promenade at Westlake)
Rotary Club of Westlake Village Sunrise
Ventura County Arts Council
Martin Weiner


La Reina High School & Middle School
Karen Cocumelli
Cyndi Hitsman
Niki Rapattoni
Harvey Reese
David & Carol Ross
Michael & Carole Wilson
Bruce Lerner
Janice Wise
Ted & Nancy Young
Sam’s Club of Oxnard
Smart & Final
Peggy Ludington
Shoshana Brower
Naomi Inaba
"In honor of Holly Woolson"
Lorelle Patterson
Debbie Martin

Items Donated to Art Trek

Harry and Maureen Selvin - Large Kiln, Pottery Wheel & Ceramic Tile Roller

Margarita Milam - Small Kiln

Creative Castle - Stamps & Jewelry Supplies

Greg Aragon - two digital cameras

Friends of Art Trek


AIE Design Studio, Inc.
One Spark Academy
Traci Adcock
Carol Ambler
Amgen Foundation
Janet Amiri
Lenore Banders
Robert Belke
Valerie Belsky
Cathy Bernstein
Buffalo Exchange
Gaea Cannady
Ron & Kareen Carlson
Susan and Andi Cockrell
Morena Cohen
Sherrie Connor
Patt Coya
Barbara & Ivan Cury
Kenneth Devore
Alan & Sherry Doyle
Michael & June Feldman
Karen Fraki
The Geffen Family
Evelyn Green
Randy Harrison
Taylor Hoany
Lisa Hoffman
Insight to Teen Culture
Kathy Jelaca
Mary King-Aitchison
Sydney Kopeikin
Eva Larson
Philip & Faye Lee
Carol Levin
Gail Levy
Roberta Lim
Andres Lopez
Marie-Claire Martin
Floyd & Mary Martin
Lisa Matrz
Sue & John McKee

Lisa Matrz
Sue & John McKee
Mimi Mohit
Montroy Family
Roberta Morgen
Susie Kessler Mossa
Karla Murray
Greg & Lorelle Patterson
Yelena Pinchuk
Jackie Popick
Stephen & Ginny Porter
Ed & Molly Rockey
Christine Rohrberg
Eric Rolph
Dierdre Rovelli
Kate Russell
Sharene Santos
Harriet Schultz
Olga Singer
Kim Sklar
Merlin & Deborah Snider
Marcia Spaulding
Michael & Lori Stenovich
Sandra Stub
Jean Sweeney
Madeleine Talbot
Steve Teeple
Margaret Travers
Sandra Velasquez
Nanelle Voss
Peter & Gerri Wendel
Whaling-West Packaging Corp.
Shirley Wis
Ron Yamashiro
Barbara Young
Dave Young
Hayley Young
Jody Young
Miranda Young
Paul Young
Stephanie Zandergen