Art Trek 4 Teachers

Art Trek 4 Teachers was created to bring art to students in elementary schools through their classroom teachers.  

Art Trek also offers training for After School Programs. 

Our experienced core staff provides training for teachers at hands-on workshops held throughout the year. Together we discuss teaching philosophies, methods and strategies for different grade levels, and do the art projects. Before the teachers deliver the art classes they become students. Teachers complete each lesson themselves, after which they go into the classroom and deliver sequential, hands-on art lessons. Trained teachers will have clear plans, tasks and identified roles. We work within their accumulated experience to create, discuss, trouble-shoot and role-play. 

Our lessons are designed not only to impart rendering, painting, and sculpting skills, but also to build student confidence and community ties.

This program meets the Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards for California Public Schools. 


Teachers Will:

  • Complete related projects that they will teach.
  • Receive training on and draw from their own experience of effective teaching methods. 
  • Spend time discussing and troubleshooting questions that have arisen or might arise while teaching each lesson. 


Teachers coordinate with school staff to set training schedules. Full day sessions allow enough time for teachers to complete and prepare for 3 upcoming lessons.



Materials will be supplied by Art Trek, organized for each lesson and stored in one accessible space on campus. 

The Art Trek 4 Teachers Program is a cost-effective and wonderful way to bring the visual arts into the classroom and to support teachers in their task of integrating disciplines to educate our children.


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