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Throwback Thursday - DRUM NIGHT Recap!

        November 7, 2018 at Art Trek, we hosted our first Drum Circle. Sixty people ranging in age from 7 to 78 gathered here to raise funds for Art Trek and One Spark Academy in an extraordinary way. We spoke to each other through rhythm.

As we were connecting in the drum circle, we did not realize that within hours, we would be connecting through tragedy. That same night, the Borderline shootings brought the unthinkable to our doorstep. In the days that followed, we endured fires, evacuations, and more loss than we could ever imagine.  

         In the darkest times, our true spirit shines through. As we mourn the terrible loss of lives and homes, we find ourselves stronger together as we step up and say, “How can I help?” The Drum Circle was a microcosm of what we know to be true about our community; we are made up of good people and we are here for each other.   

To donate to victims of the Hill Fire, Woolsey Fire, and Borderline 12 visit Ventura County Community Foundation.

Don't Miss Out: Drum Night is Nov. 7th!!

A drum circle is a rhythm-based tool for unity.

This event will be led by the founder of Drumtime, John Lacques who has facilitated hundreds of drum circles since his start in 2003 (check out the videos below to see what a drum circle is all about). If you've never touched a drum before or you are a seasoned professional, you will find a sense of belonging and community in a drum circle. It is fun, uplifting and dynamic. This great event will support Art Trek and One Spark Academy.

Click the banner below to sign-up for the wonderful community event!

*All ages and abilities are welcome to join us. 

This clip shows John Lacques of Drumtime facilitating some rhythm-based events from 2005-2008. Drumtime offers drum programs for team-building and professional development, school programs, special needs' and at-risk communities, private events and more.

John Lacques, Drumtime Founder, Educator, Professional Drummer and Theater Artist.