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Why art?

This past spring I was asked to present a keynote speech for 400 city-wide volunteers in Torrance CA for Adventures In Art, a program not unlike Art Trek. My professional trek through the arts began in the South Bay in 1981 at Chadwick School. I am always excited to return to where I first fell in love with teaching the arts.

I was honored to present a few thoughts about art in our schools, homes and community. However, no group of creative people wants to listen to someone talk about creativity for very long! Consequently, my keynote was peppered with activity and art.

Smile TV filmed the morning and from that footage and a few of our studio pictures they created this video. I hope you have a chance to take a peek and enjoy!!!

Let us know what you think as this is really my first blog. (Don’t worry…I won’t give up my day job.)


Posted on August 20, 2013 .